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Anonymous said: hey babe wanna hang out on day? - harry. x

DON’T JOKE WITH ME! come of anonymous and let’s find out something ;b i don’t think it’s you harry but if it is, i love you <3

Anonymous said: you're beautiful

so are you <3

Anonymous said: Have you meet 1d ?

I’ve been to their concert twice but never meet them in person :(

Anonymous said: have you lost you're virginity

i’m not pretty..

Going to Barcelona tomorrow! Cant wait to use money there with xoxoteenlife

Anonymous said: Please Harry notice Amanda next time you and you're lads are in Denmark! take her backstage, go out on a date, kiss her, make her feel special, protect her, love her and marry her.


Anonymous said: haha many of my friends think you and harry would be cute together !

aw thank youuuuuu <3